If you want to keep up with what SATERN and The Salvation Army are doing during a disaster, you will want to be a member of one or both of the list we maintain to distribute bulletins and other important information.

There are two list; "satlist" is our national/international list and it concerns news of interest to all. The second list is called "westsat" and it is matters of concern to SATERN members in the Western Territory. Bulletins sent to satlist are not duplicated on westsat so the interested person in the west would want to belong to both list.

To join a list, or to remove yourself from a list, address an email to mdaemon@qso.com

For the first line of the body of the email put (without the quote marks) "subscribe satlist" or "subscribe westsat". To be safe, put anyting you want on the subject line just so it won't be blank. The SPAM blocker, I find, will often reject a message as SPAM if the subject line is blank. Nothing else matters as no human eye will ever see the message.

If you wish to get off of a list then do exactly the same thing, except use the word "unsubscibe" in place of the "subscribe".

In either case the system will respond and tell you of your successful action.

The list will not be a conduit for SPAM as only a selected few are able to post messages, all others are read only, and the list will not accept input from anybody not part of the list.